Teeth Whitening in Delhi

The medical line has made a lot of progress in catering to the health ailments of the people. Advanced technological innovations in medical line help the medical experts not only to give treatment to the patients but also remove scars and marks often left after surgery or operation. Dentistry is a medical line which is making use of modern technologies not only to cure and treat the oral problems but is also adding a touch of beauty to the smile of people. Teeth whitening in Delhi is best available at Samir dental clinic which is making efforts to help you maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile that defines and glorifies your persona. It has answers to all the oral problems we suffer from as a result of the type of food we most often eat and type of food habits we have developed in our fast and speedy lives. We have forgotten the schedule and routine which is essential not only for a healthy life, but also for healthy gums and teeth.

Teeth contribute a lot in the proper functioning of body organs like the digestive system. Teeth break the food morsels into smaller particles and help the digestive system to fasten up the process of breakdown of molecules into glucose and add energy to the body. Calcium which is the teeth making component has the property of dissolving fast especially in acidic drinks that are a part of our food menu these days. Decaying teeth disturb oral health and cause numerous problems and cause damage to teeth and health. Samir dental clinic has dentists who are well aware of the teeth problems and more than that the solutions which will help in restoring the healthy teeth and gums. The dentists look at the problem and make every attempt to save the teeth using different procedures which prevent further damage and restore the teeth.

One another problem which is the result of careless attitude towards the health of teeth and gums is a change in color of teeth. High consumption of alcohol and spicy, acidic food takes away the natural whiteness of teeth turning them yellow which gives no good impression of a person. It symbolizes the deteriorating quality of the teeth and is also a warning for the person to visit the dentist and get treatment started. Samir dental clinic is the best option for you if you happen to come across such a problem with your teeth and want to get it treated. Dentists look at the cause of the problem, condition of teeth and start with the treatment accordingly. They recommend various treatments which can be of great help to the person and help him in maintaining the healthy gums and teeth. Dentists make sure that all the teeth problems be treated in the best way therefore they recommend the person about the various treatments which are essential along with whitening of teeth for better and effective results.

Teeth whitening is a process of removing the stains and de coloration of teeth which makes teeth look dull and unhealthy. The process needs repetition from time to time for maintaining white teeth although the frequency of repeating it depends on the care and attention you pay towards their maintenance. Less consumption of alcohol, tobacco increases the span for which your teeth can maintain the bright white look.

Teeth whitening remove the stains within and outside the teeth the latter is a result of unhealthy habits we acquire like too much consumption of acidic food, alcohol, coffee, tea, wine and other drinks having dark colors which leave the stains. The stains inside the teeth known as intrinsic stains occur in the teeth during childhood years when permanent teeth are coming. High consumption of fluoride at the age when the permanent teeth are coming cause strains in the teeth giving birth to white spots under the enamel of tooth which later on become stains. It demands prevention at an early age by controlling the consumption of fluoride which is present in toothpaste and mouth rinses.

Samir dental clinic studies the oral health of the visitor and recommends him all other dental treatments which he must undergo before undertaking the process of teeth whitening. It is so as other oral treatments affect the effect of the results of teeth whitening. The treatment of cavities, receding gums, and root -canal treatment are the processes which need completion before teeth whitening process. Dentist recommends different procedures as per the condition of the tooth. It is essential to complete all the treatments before teeth whitening and maintain the symmetry in color of teeth.

Our dental clinic has provisions for all kind of dental treatments that are essential for maintaining healthy teeth. Dentists make every attempt to save the teeth and therefore adopt different measures to protect it. If the cavity is small dentist’s drill out the decayed portion of teeth and fill it with different materials which are safe and increase the life of teeth. If the decay of teeth is extensive dentists prescribe root-canal treatment in which teeth are made dead by extracting out the nerves, blood vessel, and tissues along with decayed part of the tooth. The roots of teeth are not left exposed but filled with material that has a long life. It is the best way to save natural teeth, and maintain the number of teeth in the mouth.  Dentists suggest covering the teeth with cap and crowns as it prevents decaying of teeth. Dentists make crowns and caps of teeth with utmost precision so that it fits in the mouth smoothly and matches with color, shape, and size of natural teeth. Extraction is the process dentist makes use of when a tooth is completely damaged and cannot be saved using any measures. Implantation and Bridging processes are made use to cover the empty spaces resulting from the extraction of natural teeth. In short, we can say that Samir dental clinic has a solution to all kind of teeth problems and a team of expert dentists to maintain healthy teeth.

Tooth whitening is a process involving a series of steps. Dentists at our clinic interact with the patient to know about the causes and reasons for stains in the mouth next is the process of cleaning the teeth and gums which involves removing layers of food and other substances from the teeth and mouth. Teeth are now ready for the application of gel on them which is then activated by the heat of laser light or some specialized light which cause bleaching and result in shining of teeth. Time for which teeth are to be kept covered with gel depends on the condition of teeth which vary from individual to individual. Stains on the teeth vary in nature depending on the food items, and beverages which have caused them and they react differently to different teeth whitening gels. The average time that one sitting of teeth whitening involves is thirty to ninety minutes in all three appointments which increases if the person has more stains on teeth and want more whitening than the usual shade.

Teeth whitening process varies for a tooth which has undergone root- canal treatment. Dentists at Samir dental clinic make it possible for such type of tooth also to turn white and shine brightly. Dentists place the whitening substance deep into the tooth and do the temporary filling leaving tooth untouched for a few days. Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution to the problem of stains, and discoloration of teeth, however, its lasting effects depend on the care you undertake to maintain the brightness of your teeth. If , one does not control the consumption of alcohol and dark beverages the result of teeth whitening do not last even a month on the other side, proper care and attention to the teeth can increase the duration of the brightness of teeth as long as six months or one year. A person can undergo the procedure of re-whitening as and when one feels the need to do so. Teeth whitening are not a painful process, and it does not have side effects although it affects the sensitivity of the teeth by increasing it. It is a procedure which helps to brighten the smile and add grace to beauty.

Samir dental clinic helps the person to undergo the process of teeth whitening at home by giving guidance about how to implement the procedure successfully. Dentists recommend the person to send them a photograph of upper and lower jaw separately so that they know the exact condition of teeth for whitening. Dentist interacts with the person and gathers a brief history of the dental treatments a person has undergone. After a complete insight into the nature of teeth of a person, the dentist recommends him and guide him about the procedures and gels, pastes, rinses to be used for effective results and brightening of teeth. Teeth whitening is a process to beautify teeth and smile which enhances personality.