Medical Tourism

Equating medical tourism and TMJ

Medical tourism is bringing several patients from all over the world to get treated here in India. It is becoming an intensifying field for growth in the medical sector. India is offering high-quality treatments in favorable rates and has become one of the most preferred countries for people. This kind of tourism encourages quick visa renewals and extensions thus, making it more sustainable. With medical tourism, strong connectivity is being built up for people from many countries to come here. Several flights and other means of transport are available in creating ease for surgeries and medical procedures.

Unlike other medical procedures, dental care is expensive and is also meticulous. That is why at Samir Dental Care we have developed extraordinary services for all the dental surgeries. We have indulged ourselves in practicing the latest technology equipment for complex issues like TMJ. We have a team that is totally committed to providing perfect treatments for all dental problems. We are a very reputed dental care clinic that has never disheartened the patients. Our dentists bring back the positive smile in them. We are well-known for treating TMJ dysfunction by following simple steps.


The Temporomandibular Joint or Disorder has become a very common issue in India. This arises due to multiple reasons including genetics, arthritis, previous dental surgery or a jaw injury. The TMJ is responsible for the entire movement of our jaw; also our jaw is the only movable object present in our face. This will cause disastrous pain while talking, biting or chewing. Grinding of teeth is also another major cause for this disorder. Increased stress in the teeth will surely intensify ache and lead to more complications in the TM area. This joint is directly connected to our skull, hence it has got a lot more complexity. Our team of dentists have developed proven ways of curing this problem easily.

Some more symptoms of TMD

  • Neck pain, facial pain, cheek pain, chin pain, jaw pain
  • Migraines, dizziness and stiffness in jaw muscles
  • Pain and swellings
  • Back aches, shoulder pain
  • Cervical spondylosis and sciatica pain

The outcomes of the mentioned symptoms are intolerable and tedious.

 Treatments and medications

Simple self-care techniques for TMD are avoiding extremely hot or cold foods. Avoiding yawning, loud singing, shouting, talking more and not grinding or biting teeth in the night can help. The medications like painkillers or muscle relaxant can reduce the severe pain to an extent. Our dentists also advise patients to take neurological treatments.

Therapies at Samir Dental Care:

We take maximum efforts at Samir Dental Care to treat patients without the use of drugs. Here are some of the methods followed by us:

  • Occlusion: Mouth guards and oral splints are used to protect patients from jaw pain. This is one of the permanent reliefs for TMD too.
  • Physical therapy: Therapies like ultrasounds, ice and moist heat along with exercises to strengthen the jaw is provided.
  • Consultation: Patients receive proper guidelines of what to do and what not to do. They tell about activities that increase pain and are advised to avoid them.

As a whole, Samir Dental Care bestows a complete care system for all dental problems under one roof.