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We believe that you have the right to confront the world with a confident, good, and attractive smile. Whether you are unhappy with your present smile or need to keep up the delightful smile you have, our dental specialists can help. Your smile is one of the main things people see about it—it shouldalso be the exact opposite thing they could ever overlook.

Similarly as with most treatment strategies in dentistry today, dental implants include logical revelation, research and understanding, as well as application in clinical practice. The act of implant dentistry requires skill in arranging, medical procedure and tooth restoration; it is as much about art and experience for what it’s worth about science. This site will help provide you with the learning you have to settle on educated options in meeting with your dental health experts.

If you end up with one missing tooth (or more), your tooth misfortune can really end up leading or adding to TMJ issue. Did you know this was possible? Therefore, an essential factor in tending to TMD is guaranteeing your bite is adjusted by replacing missing teeth. When you start connecting an obvious conclusion, you will quickly observe that on the off chance that you’ve been thinking about dental implants to complete your smile, this may be something that help you address a larger number of worries than you initially imagined.

At Samir Dental Care and Implant Center in Jalandhar, we keep up your smile with the preventive consideration you require. We can also structure a brand new smile for you, since we offer a full range of cosmetic services, from teeth brightening to dental implants. DR.SAMIR NAYYAR utilizes modern technology and similar materials to perform all our services. Contact us today to plan an appointment or Explore our website for more details.

Jalandhar Location

H.No. 37, St. no. 2, backside SBI, Harbans Nagar, Jalandhar
M.: 99147 53034
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Lambra Location

Near Pal Tent house, Nakodar road, Lambra
M.: 76936 28299
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Dr. Samir

Body Pain Specialist & Implantologist
BDS (Pb.)
M: 94173-07809

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Dr. Rozy Nayyar

Dental Surgeon
BDS (Pb.)
Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment Specialist

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Clients Feedback

He is very efficient dentist. He listened to my concern and handled in a smooth way.

Jaspreet Bhatia

Par excellence dental clinic . best of technology with best services

Rajanbir Thind

Getting my Orthodontic treatment and results are fabulous.

Mandeep Singh

Dr. Sameer is an outstanding dental surgeon with golden hands.

Rajesh Mittal

Best dentist in the locality. Strongly recommend him.

Priyanka Sikri

Excellent treatment with full sterilization protocol

Sachin Bhambri