Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics Treatments

Ortho dental Surgery

Protect your smile by having oral checkup


A beautiful smile always tells so many things and it has more power than the words. But nowadays there are lots of people who suffer from many dental problems. If it’s not been treated at the right time then it can cause much discomfort or it can also lead to some of the dangerous issues. So if you are having any of the dental problems that are affecting your smile, then you should immediately consult a dentist.

One of the best dental clinics where you should consult to get the services for dental care is Samir Dental Care clinic. This clinic is one of the best and top leading dental clinics in India. In this clinic, you will get several valuable services that other clinics fail to provide.


As you all know that a beautiful smile can also melt millions of heart. So you should take care of your smile. You should always consult the dentist whenever you are having pain in your teeth or having headaches, don’t try to neglect it. Nowadays there are lots of people who suffer from tooth problems like crowded and crooked teeth. These teeth problems can be solved by Orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment is the one that will help you to achieve the desired tooth. By this, you can strengthen or move your teeth in the appropriate position. In other words, the orthodontic treatment is the type of dentistry that puts your teeth or jaws in the right position. Samir Dental Care will provide you with the orthodontic treatment so that you can have a beautiful smile.


The problems in which the orthodontic treatment is needed


  • Overbite, under bite and cross bite

Overbite is a teeth problem in which the upper front teeth extend outward and overlap the lower front teeth. An underbite is a type of the tooth problem in which the lower front teeth extend outward and overlap the upper front teeth. In the Cross-bite, the upper teeth are always directed towards the tongue and will sit inside the lower teeth. If you have any of these problems, then you should consult our clinic and we will provide you with the services of the orthodontic treatment.


  • Open bite

In the open bite, there will be a vertical gap between the upper and lower front teeth. In this problem, the difficulty occurs when a person is chewing or biting something. The dentist of the Samir Dental Care will help you to overcome from this problem by giving the orthodontic treatment.


  • Misplaced midline

The misplaced outline is a type of problem in which the upper front teeth don’t line up with the centre of the lower front teeth. If you have these types of problem then you should consult the Samir Dental care.


  • Spacing

Spacing is a type of gaps that are present between the teeth. This occurs because of the missing of teeth or the teeth that do not fill up the mouth.


  • Crowding

Crowding is a type of problem that occurs when there are a lot of teeth in the jaw. Our clinic will give you the orthodontic services to have a beautiful smile.