Crown and Bridges

Crown and bridge fixations

Crowns and bridges are protective coverings used for an already existing tooth or fixed to an implanted tooth. Crowns are more like caps that are used on the tooth. There are different types of crowns and the most suitable one for a person will be selected by the dentist. They are made of different materials like resin and ceramic or porcelain. In some special cases, crowns are made of gold too. A crown can also be made in the same color and size as the original tooth. Crowns are designed to fulfill so many purposes. Dentists recommend the material and shape of crowns in cases like tooth discoloration or implants.

Here are some of the common uses of crowns:

  • To cover discoloration of tooth
  • Used as an alternative for thick or large fillings
  • For large cavities
  • Used as a bridge in between tooth that is missing
  • To protect a weak tooth from further damage
  • Used post the root canal treatment
  • To cover implants

It is very advisable to get a crown when a dentist recommends them.

Bridges are similar to crowns yet are smaller in size. It looks like as if two crowns are put together. Bridges are also made of ceramic or porcelain. The uses of bridges are so many. It can be used between two crowns too. The bridge is fixed in between adjacent to crowns on either side. The tooth next to the crown are known as anchors. The bridge supports the crown and the anchors altogether.

The other uses of the bridge are given are:

  • Maintains jaw shape
  • Used as an assistant for chewing
  • It is used for restoring uneven bites
  • Protects tooth that is tipping
  • Used as an alternative for missing tooth

A bridge acts a ceramic tooth that is as strong as the original. Fixing process is simple yet should be carried out by qualified dentists.